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one of three dumbasses that are numbered 1,2,and 3 man who run around with their thumbs up their asses messing up the break room and talking about loading in the desert because all of them have maybe done it once and it is the only thing in their life that they feel is worth talking about besides the fat chick with huge titties that they took home from the bar because they are so dumb that they had to pay the bitch to pretend to like what they had to offer.
weapons troop: i need to put gas in this diesel truck.

weapons expediter: take the gas key from my GASOLINE fueled truck and just throw in some unleaded, I did it once while I was in the desert in between loading bombs on planes and it didn't hurt anyone.

weapons troop: it sure is nice to know that if I fuck this up everyone already thinks that I am an idiot
by McWhirter September 15, 2008
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