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A handheld game for the Nintendo DS that takes place after the events of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The story is set on a far off planet where Dr. Manhattan has fulfilled his promise to create new life. The planet is occupied by lazer gun toting cowboys and newly created counterparts to our planets heroes. The Various missions include getting Rorschach's Vegas wedding annulled, walking a circus tightrope, and defending a brothel from a hoard of corrupt cowboys. The game received so many negative reviews that the publishers tried to disavow the games existence to the extent of erasing it from the internet.
Person 1: I just tried to look the game up. Watchmen Future Planet must be one of those games that was so bad they erased it from existence.

Person 2: That's gotta be it.
by WatchmenFuturePlanet-developer December 12, 2010
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