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Piece of shit school, where niggas stand in the middle of the hall and dont do shit. Hall monitors pretend to do their jobs, but really they contribute to the massive drug problem plaguing the school. Whores are plentiful and if you need some weed, just ask any of the randoms in the hall. There is shooting probably every other day and the graduation rate is 4%. If your looking for a baby, just ask some of the gangster hoes for one of theirs. Athletics are amazing, but whole teams end up in jail by the end of the season.
Kid from South Milwaukee HS: "Hey! Where do you go to school?"

Park Student: " Washington Park High School BITCH"

Kid from South Milwaukee HS: "oh shit.....( dials 911) "

Park Student: *bang* *bang*
by Shmani Cooter May 29, 2008
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