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A term used in Halo to describe someone who can drive the M-12 Warthog or Halo PC's M-12A1 RocketHog with apparent ease, pulling off tricks and killing people like there's nothing to it. You can achieve Warthog Ninja-ness by

1. Dodging multiple tank shots
2. getting a "Killtacular" kill while driving with no gunner
3. sneaking up behind people and running them over

You can also be a Ghost Ninja, or a Scorpion or Tank Ninja. Sadly, Banshee Ninjas do not exist because of the amazing lameness of the vehicle. Most Banshee pilots are simply referred to as Banshee Whores, and are disliked by most Halo PC players.
Zuka: w0rt! I'm the Warthog Ninja!
Neo was killed by Zuka
Orange was killed by Zuka
BigBob: My mom had a sex change
Mako: o.0
Mako was killed by Zuka
BigBob was killed by Zuka
by Zuka July 14, 2004
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