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1. n. The act of transferring a call to someone in a polite and "warm" fashion by asking the caller to "please hold" and then announcing the caller to the person he or she wishes to be transferred to. Then the call may be transferred, if the transferer knows how to work the phone. Saying "Transferringacall!" to the person you are transferring the call to DOES NOT COUNT as a warm transfer. Regardless, warm transfers are for tools.

2. n. The act of giving someone an STD while having sex in a sauna and/or in a pleasant, warm, loving manner.
1. "You douche! You were supposed to perform a warm transfer with that call! It's new company policy. AHHHHH!!!!!"

2. "Yeah, I totally gave that bitch herpes, but we're in love. At least was a warm transfer."
by George McGeorgerson July 28, 2008
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