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In 2007, a last Alliance of Geeks, Jocks and Nerds united under one single banner and started an epic crusade to rid the world of the growing menace of the evil, self-cutting emos. Their leader the people call ''The Forum Troll'' on the net, started recruiting his army. Armed with Bob Marley Music, lots of Courage, fun colouring crayons and Tears of Jews, they started hunting the emos down one by one desperatly seeking the way to destroy their menace permenantly. Fighting from the peaks of the west indies to the shores of Australia, the Crusaders found a way to destroy the Emos: It is said in the great American Idol Fan Book that to destroy the Emos, the only way is to decapitate their Queen. Since then, they have been looking for her, hunting her down to destroy her.
At the base of the mighty mount Washington, the Alliance of Jocks, Nerds and Geeks fought off the legions of Emos. Victory was near! But the power of the Emo Queen could not be beaten. The War on the Emos was almost lost...Until...
by Troll of the Forum April 03, 2007
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