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A wannabe outsider is the type of person who would do anything to be original, but, in reality once you figure out what he/she is doing its pretty pathetic. Here are some quirks of a wannabe outsider

1) He/she almost always go to reseraunts that no one goes to

2) Think and talk about emotional representations of things when you have known him/her for years and they have never talked like that before

3) When confronted about being a wannabe of anykind, he/she will call you out on personal things(like you don't have a girlfriend, etc)
Wannabe outsider: Hey lets go to this resteraunt that no one has ever heard of, they sell the best burgers and fries!

Normal person(you): How about burger king(or any other mainstream resteraunts)

Wannabe outsider: Nah I have never liked fast food

Normal person(you): But you just said an underground food place that sells fast foo.... you are such a wannabe outsider
by ReluctantHero April 14, 2013
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