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Wanna-be thugs and rappers,that think they can rap and think they will be famous one day! they wear fake jewelry and get real tattoos thinking their a rapper!!!I'm not saying they can't or won't be famous one day,it's just in high school I remember these kids saying they would be famous and be a rapper,and years later I never seen on tv or heard any of their music?My point is if your gonna be a famous rapper then stick with that plan?I think alot of kids rap to be popular in high school!! Some kids can't rap worth of shit?
at the talent show the rap group performs.
Keisha and her friend decide to go:
Keisha:man these guys are really good!
Tasha:please are they really gonna be rappers?
20 years later!!
Bet Music videos
Keisha:Tasha wear are those kids we went to high school wit that said they would be rappers?
Tasha:please you really believed they were gonna be rappers?They were wanna-be rappers,they probably did it to be popular!!
by leoking93 June 05, 2010
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