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Walter Whities: A synonym for tighty whities, which is in turn a synonym for briefs. “Walter Whites” is a play on the name of the fictitious character "Walter White" (a.k.a. Heisenberg) from the Breaking Bad television series. Walter White is clearly partial to tighty whities as evidenced by the many scenes in which he is without pants.
Guy: I need some new underwear.

Girl: Yes. You. Do. And, while you’re at it, would you switch from tighty whities to boxers? Your tighty whities are lame. Boxers will liven things up a bit.

Guy: Well, my Walter Whities provide the support that my boys need. I’m an active guy.

Girl: Did you say Walter Whities?

Guy: Yeah. You know, Breaking Bad? Walter White underwear scenes? Get it?

Girl: Ohhhh… Ooooo yeah… Um, forget what I said about boxers.
by m_piet October 09, 2013
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