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Kids between the ages of 16 through 24 who:
A) Walk around the aisles of Walmart late at night, giggling incessantly as they talk on their cellphones. They travel in packs.
B) Redneck kids who loiter in the parking lot with their car and truck doors open, laughing loudly and slapping each other on the back. These are evil people who are not only irritating, but they don't obey the parking spot lines. This can be late at night or during the day. Their population increases as the daylight decreases.

This can also apply to similar groups at other 24 hour locations like Walgreen's.
Andy: Hey man, let's go to Walmart and pick up some chips.
Matt: Nah, I hate those fuckin' Walmart Warriors. You can't get through the aisles cause those assholes are all bumping into you and shit.
by collie k April 25, 2007
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