The mobility scooters provided by Walmart for the use of handicapped people but are usually only used by very fat people who are probably able to walk around but are either too lazy to walk or who have converted their obesity into a handicap for which they receive disability benefits. Most often seen with the front basket loaded with multiples of sugar or fat containing foods or other unhealthy food choices for someone of their size- along with a helper spouse/child/friend pushing a regular shopping cart loaded with the same. You will never, ever see an obese person driving a Walmart Fat Scooter with the basket containing excercise videos and hand weights. The typical Walmart Fat Scooter driver also seems to not have any experience in piloting the scooter as they tend to make full u-turns in aisles with other people forcing the people to move out of the scooter's way.
Dude 1: Look at that guy driving the Walmart Fat Scooter. He is huge and obese- how can people let themselves get that huge?

Dude 2: I think they get that big by using the Walmart Fat Scooter and buying bulk candy here at Walmart. Look at his basket. It's loaded up with bags of the after-Halloween sale candy!
by econobiker October 29, 2009
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