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A term used to describe your children after they've been around a few years and you realize just how much of a financial burden they really are. Generally people compensate the fact that they're pissing away all their money (on someone that will probably be a dead end loser just like them) by telling themselves that all that money spent (wasted) will one day result in a well rounded successful human being.
I use to make a comfortable living, but then I had a couple of wallet leaches and now I've got to get a second job.
by Guru on a hill September 08, 2011
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A guy/girl that never has any money, but is always down to do expensive stuff.

Any time you hang out with said person, it's typically implied that you are paying for everything.
Person 1: Hey, you wanna go to the movies?

Person 2: You mean that you actually have money or the movies?!?!

Person 1: Now, we both know that I don't have any money...

Person 2: Dude, you are such a wallet leach.
by Homey Simpson August 04, 2009
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