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A form of Beer Pong played by deflecting the balls off an adjacent wall and into the defending team's cups. You and your teammate can throw your balls traditionally one after the other, OR one of your teammates can take/shoot both balls in what is known as a "Buck Shot". If you make 1 of the 2 "Buck Shot" balls it counts as just one normal cup. If you make both balls in you get "Balls Back" If you and your teammate both make it into cups you get to keep going. If you and your teammate make it in the same cup, you get to pull 3 cups out and get "Balls Back" as well. The terms "Warming Up" and "On Fire" have the same cup values as Regular Beer Pong; but if you get to "On Fire" in Wall Pong, you get to shoot "Buck Shot" untill no cups are made.
Regular Beer Pong is so boring, lets play Wall Pong (Beer Pong) instead!
by TheAbominableRainMan December 05, 2010
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