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A game mode in Call of Duty 7, (Black Ops) where you bet money at the start (the amount depends if you go normal weak end roller or high end roller, and you can also double down) and if you come in the top 3 you can win some of that money back. There are 4 different types of wager matches.
1: Gun Game-You start with a pistol, and every kill you get moves you up to a better gun. However, if you get knifed, you get demoted to your last weapon. There are 20 guns to go through. As soon as you get a kill with all the guns, you win.
2: Sticks and Stones- You have 4 weapons: Ballistic knife(100 pts. Per kill), Explosive Tip Crossbow (100 pts. Per kill), Knife (25 pts. Per kill), and Tomahawk (10 pts. Per kill, but bankrupts the victim.) You win by having the most points after
time expires.
3: Sharpshooter- All players start with a random gun, and every 45 seconds, the gun changes. You win by having the most kills in the time limit.
4: One in the Chamber- You have a pistol with one round and each player is rewarded with a bullet after every kill. If you kill someone you take their bullet. You only have 3 lives.
N00b: Sharpshooter is the best wager match, without a doubt.
Cool Cat: Gtfo dude, sticks and stones ftw.
by Alejandro Pablo Orlando Romero November 26, 2010
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