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A Highschool in Holden Massachusetts. There are about 2200 kids who go there. Known for its incredible amount of pot heads, faggot cocky kids, fake gangsters, wiggers, LAXBROS(SUCK!), and wannabes. The School is made up of kids from 5 towns within the district. Holden(ABSOLUTE SHIT) Paxton(Not bad except for a few select fuckers) Princeton(FAGGOTS) Rutland(Slutland, almost as bad as Holden) and Sterling(see Paxton)

Recently renovated and redone and is now equipped with many new features but no Air condition in the spring or Heat in the winter. Wachusett kids hate kids from other schools especially nearby ST. Johns and Doherty which are actually both many times better than Wachusett because the many of the kids at those schools are not douchebags
Ryan- Hey Cam St. Johns kids suck because they are gay.

Cam- Aww True? but hey lets go Shit on those kids over there so we feel better about ourselves and then lets go smoke some weed and then go Lax with our pal nick and act big then go listen to lil wayne and act gangster and--(the 4 black kids of the school walk by) OMG that was close. never mind lets go to my huge house and swim in my in ground pool play COD on my 54 inch flatscreen and spend money and laugh at the less fortunate while pretending we are from the ghetto.

Frank- Yup this is Wachusett alright

Gil- yup it sure is Wachusett Regional High School
by natsstan July 08, 2010
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A public high school in central Massachusetts with a student body population of around 2,200. Known for the sheer number of people who smoke pot and/or (more recently) vape in school, often in the bathrooms and sometimes in class if the teacher isn’t paying attention.
Moving the strict middle school health teacher to Wachusett Regional High School was probably meant to stop all the student drug use. It did not help in the slightest.
by NQG October 30, 2018
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