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Any vehicle of which the manufacture's recommended occupancy limit is at least doubled by the number of people inside. Most often applies to pickup trucks or small compact cars that contain several generations of a Mexican family. Often, this is accomplished by the adult occupants sitting on each other’s laps while the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are forced to stand on the floor or lay on any available horizontal surface such as a seatback or dashboard. The vehicles themselves usually contain many after-market extras such as bubbled window tint, fake cell-phone antennas and bolt-on spoilers, which indicates that the vehicle's owner is more concerned with his "machismo" than actual functionality.
Guy #1: Check out the Wab Wagon that just parked at the dollar store across the street.

Guy #2: I see it. I've already counted eleven people get out and more are still inside.

Guy #1: Pretty impressive.
by Blingarama September 23, 2009
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