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Also known as a Bandwagoneer. The most dedicated college football fans in the USA. They love their team even though they don't know why. More often than not the WVU fan will have absolutly no connection to the school itself. In the state of WV one can often see bellies stretching out beer-stained WVU shirts, greasy mullets kept warm by dirty WVU hats, broken down S-10's adorned with the WV emblem, govt representatives wearing a leather WVU jacker, and church-goers wearing their best WVU sweatshirt.

Normally the WVU fan is more likely to get a DUI in Morgantown than an AA, AS, BA, or BS; much less an MS, MD, JD, etc.
Normal Person: Did you go to WVU?

WVU Fan: Naw, I dropped outta high school.

Normal Person: You must have family that went there?

WVU Fan: Ugh Ugh, my brother went to some fancy college outta state, my sis went to Marshall, my paw took a couple of classes at tech, my wife goes to WVSU, my uncle went to UC, and my girl wants to go to Mountain State.

Normal Person: Oh, you must live close to Morgantown.

WVU Fan: Nope, I live right outside Huntington.
by coaldigger February 03, 2010
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