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WSL is WestsideLocos they rep the number 23 in Texas but Rep 13 in California. Theres many diffrent types of WestSides through out the nation we are even World Wide. Were the number 23 comes from is that W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet. Vallucos also own the WestSide Locos there a known gang in the Rio Grande Valley 956. XXIII Means 23 in the Roman Numbers They hate SUR X3 and they call them slangs like scraps or rats. WSL 23 have much respect for the NSL X4 better knowns as Nortenos. They have no beef only becuase they agree on one thing witch is KilLing southsiders.
Theres WSL 23 in Brownsville Texas 956.. Theres even diffrent types of westside all through the valley of 956 or 210, even the 713
by WestSideLocos23 XXIII SSk December 30, 2013
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