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A vulva sniffer is somebody who has an obsessive behavior to sniff the vulva before sex or any act of sexual fun. They will place their nose right on the vagina lips and take 5 big fat sniffs. If they don't mind the smell, they will carry on with the sexual pleasures they were giving. If the smell isn't to their personal taste. They usually flick the woman's bean and then leaves them to finish themselves.
Vulva sniffers are very judgmental and can make people feel very uncomfortable
*Boy takes 5 big sniff's*
'Your vagina is average, i shall continue having sex with you'
Girl- 'Thanks, i wash it daily'

*Boy takes 5 big sniff's*
'Your twat fucking stinks of shit, there is NO way in hell im having sex with you you dirty girl.'


*girl cries*
by clittyclittybangbang11 April 02, 2013
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