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A Death Metal band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Vowlgar ,as its fans know it today, originated as two separate bands that eventually merged. The first, the original Vowlgar, began in early February 2010 with guitarists Miguel Montesinos and Drew Torres, drummer Mike Manfredini, and bassist Nick Fontana . Eventually, however, Miguel left the band and quickly looked to form another project. Thus laid the foundation for Risen of Kratos , with members Miguel, vocalist Alessandro Limone, and guitarist Frank DeLuca . Unfortunately, failure to find a drummer and bassist brought the project quickly to an end. Alessandro and Miguel, however, were still looking to make music. Eventually, with guitarist Mike Almassey, they formed the second band in question, Final Pulse , in December 2010. The band then added drummer Mike Manfredini and bassist Katie Nielsen; however, as both Katie and Mike A. had left relatively quickly, it was clear that the group needed some familiar energy. From there, bassist Nick Fontana and guitarist Drew Torres joined with little hesitation. Incidentally, the newly formed band contained all of the former members of Vowlgar; therefore, during a meeting exactly one year after the first Vowlgar was born, the group decided to carry on its original name. With 2011, the legacy continues.
Person 1:"Hey dude, i'm going to a concert this Saturday and it's going to be an awesome metal show, do you want to come?"

Person 2:"Well i'm not sure. Who's playing??

Person 1:"The headliner is Vowlgar."

Person 2:"O hell yeah!! Let's go!! I hear they play brutal death metal music that is too awesome for words alone."
by A die hard fan of Vowlgar April 02, 2011
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