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One who has been captured by crazy ex-model hermit babes, but has escaped, thus being deemed worthy of voodoo powers given by the one and only god, the great Flying Spaghetti Monster. These people are so forth known as Voodoo Pirates, and their powers are called VooDooM. These powers consist of incredible charm, sexual abilities, and good looks(a power commonly known throughout all Pirates), Weaponry with the inability to be misplaced (usually two muskets that never run out of ammunition and only need to be cocked on dramatic occasions which, at any time, can be replaced with a single shot rifle with the same rules, and not to forget, a crazy pirate saber.) , Voodoo dolls, swordsmanship skills, Ships on fire (blue fire)and flying sharks for very few special commanders, incredibe talent in weaponry, knack for theivery, and a sweet hat, dreds and/or bandana. These Voodoo Pirates are incredibly rare, meant to lead a crew of Pirates against ninjas. They only exist in people proven to be specifically chosen by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, those who have escaped the clutches of crazy hermit babes, those who have been challenged with VooDooM, and come out on top in a dishonorable and pirate-like manner, captains of Pirate Crews before reading or enlightenment of this article, and True Ninjas turned to the pirate side. There are very few that were born with these Voodoo powers, but signs do not begin to show until mid puberty. The Second Mate of a Voodoo Pirate may also gain powers up to a full-fledged Voodoo Pirate if deemed worthy to have by the great Flying Spaghetti Monster. The gaining of VooDooM will cancel out all alliances with ninjas and disable all ninja powers.
Pirate 1: OH MY GOD!!!
Pirate 2: What, you mean the great Flying Spaghetti Monster?
Pirate 1: Yeah. Anyway, that guy can use VooDooM!!! He is a Voodoo Pirate. We should meet him.
Pirate 2: Indeed.
Pirate 1:(to his 36 pirate hookers) Follow.
*All three pirates meet and begin a conquest to destroy ninjism*
by -VooDooM- August 19, 2006
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