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Von Phat is a symphonic comedic rap group consisting of seven long-time friends from Katy, Texas: Phat Phunk Drizzle, DJ Roboto, Sixpac, Dr. Gupta, tYm 2 rImE, Emcee CDG of Da' Undaground and Francis Johnathan Cornwall (the Third Duke of Ellington). The band began when Phat Phunk inspired Sixpac during a round of freestyle after the credits in Vowel Productions' video, "It's Your Lucky Day". Soon after, they, along with DJ Roboto, wrote and recorded their first ever single, "I'm A Gangster". A music video was made, and the boys resumed their present state of living.

Half a year later, out of the blue, a second single, "Rap-A-Bye Baby" was released, featuring a fellow rapper, Masta Hob-Nobba. Not only was the single received well, it would be performed a year later at Cinco Ranch High School's "Mr. Cinco Ranch" pageant in 2007, marking the first ever live performance by Von Phat. After "Rap-A-Bye Baby", the group officially adopted their current band name. During the course of the next year, Dr. Gupta, tYm2RiMe, Emcee CDG of Da' Undaground, and Francis Johnathan Cornwall (the Third Duke of Ellington) would join the ranks of the hip group, as they began production of their first-ever EP, which would include "I'm A Gangster" and "Rap-A-Bye Baby".

In the summer of 2007, on Independence Day, Von Phat released "Milk the Cow EP", which included the hit dance single, "Milk the Cow", and the ever-so infamous "Gupta Mash". The EP was incredibly well received and Von Phat started to gain some name in the world of entertainment.

1.1.08 came around, and "To Be Continued", Von Phat's first full-length album, was released on their website, days before many of the members had to return to school at their respective universities.
OMG!!! Dr. Gupta from Von Phat is SO HOT!!!!
by Forever-a-fan! May 06, 2008
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