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This is a person who is so vile that whenever you see them vomit literally enters your mouth, this can also be shortened to vj. Vj's are usually greasy mongs but we need a variety of different words for these things!
"Ew Mary, look at that greasy mong over there!" "you are right babe he is a potential vj!" *vj knows that he can do nothing now that he has been diagnosed as a vomit jerker and runs home and is never to be seen again and is shunned by all including his parents*
by Absolutemozza April 07, 2011
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a person so ugly that when you lay eyes on them, you vomit. this person jerks your body to vomit, hence the term vomit jerker. it can also be shortened to VJ
ugh, dan is such a vomit jerker!
by orsasm April 04, 2011
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