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When your Jake Paul Syndrome has gotten sooo bad that you have started your own YouTube channel to be like Jake Paul. You try to talk like him, walk like him, act like him, and even cheat on women like him! Jake Paul and vlogging have become your only priority in life. You haven’t slept in weeks trying to think of video ideas besides reaction videos and diss tracks. You eventually go blind and become crippled from watching to many of Jake Paul’s videos. But you keep vlogging because it’s everyday bro. Eventually, you surpass his sub count. He come to your house, looking for a fight and “accedentally” reveals your address to the few subscribers that haven’t left him yet. Cops arrive at your house and take Jake Paul. This is the life you must live. This is the vlog life. Be a maverick.
Jake Paul: “ WHAT IS GOING ON MY J A K E P A U L E R S...”
Daddy Paul: “ Shut da fuq up son you don’t know that vlog life. Be a maverick.”
by Braindead Jake Paulette March 19, 2018
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