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A person who is worshiped by Messianic Satanist as the incarnation or Avatar of Satan. He is thought to have been born sometime in the 1960's. He wrote a book called the Maldictus that explained his teachings. " Maldictus" means evil writing.
There are several versions of the Maldictus in all of them he is quoted as saying that sex is the most basic human right or one of the most basic human rights along with just a few others and that all other human rights come from there. And that any society or government that has laws that limit the expression of sex in all its forms is evil and repressive and that all true satanist should rebel against it. He taught that all people have a sacred right to sex no matter what there age and that laws against " Minors" having sex or adults having sex with "Minors" should not be obeyed and that young people should rebel against any family members who attempt to limit there sexual expression. And that it was for satanist to make all his teachings known to the world. That the God of the Bible is an evil imposter and that he had really created the world and meat for all people to have That if you are wronged never forgive and never forget. He is ofter thought by some to have been born into a satanic family and raised as a satanist.
There are other branches of Messianic satanism that expect other incarnations of satanism and often refer to those incarnations or Avatars as Vlad Demonicus.
I'm a Messianic Satanist, we worship Vlad Demonicus Satan's incarnation.
by judge dredd7 May 19, 2013
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