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The "bug" caught by fans of Russian singer Vitas that makes them sit for hours and hours entranced by his songs and videos. It is an incurable disease that affects the lives of the sufferers. Fortunately, once the disease is contracted, the affected person does not want be cured. So they must live thier lives on daily medication - his voice.
Symptoms of Vitas Virus:
You can't go to bed without hearing his voice.
You say "One more Youtube Vitas video and I will go to sleep".....2 hours later..."just one more....maybe two more. "
You constantly mumble such things as: "OMG, I love him!" "How can he be so sexy?"

You find a new Vitas picture and are still staring at it 5 minutes later....maybe 5 hours later.
Lots of Sighing
You listen to almost no other music
You think, speak and dream VITAS.
by VV Victim January 25, 2010
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