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The first time you get high after losing your virginity. What better way to celebrate losing our virginity than taking a nice off your friend's bong? There is actually a movie named after it. It's about some nerd kid with pothead friends who go on a quest to get their buddy laid, and he ends up jack hammering his ex who got her tit sucked by some colledge guy. At the end, he ends up taking his mighty "Virginity Hit".

So yeah, get laid for the first time, get high high sometime soon after it, and you just took your virginity hit ;)
John: Hey dude i got lost my virginity last night ^_^

Ryan: Oh, well i'm about to smoke you up :D

-John hits Ryan's bong

Ryan: You just took your virginity hit, Broseph ;)
by Halo is better than COD lol August 14, 2011
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