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The guy who always helps people and friends and get fucked by them.virain has a mega master mind.he is an artist. He likes girls and if he finds his true girl he will take care of her forever.his love to the girl will never end.he has lots of girls in his mind but he cant choose one thats his only problem. And virain is a good care taker. Virain is a person who would do anything and everything for his friends. And sometimes virain will get pissed off with his friends for betraying him. He doesnt like two faced people. He always fights for his love but he will not show that to anyone. He spends money on girls and his friends but not intentionally but because of he is a good hearted person. Virain is a multi-talented person. Most of time virain likes to crack jokes and virain is kinda fun. Everyone likes virain. Virain doesnt like to lose his friends and family. Virain doesnt like to do any sport. Virain is a top classy person who always wanna look perfect. Virain is a fashion icon. He has a perfect taste in style. Virain is a stylish person. Virain does not show-off. Virain is a perfect person to be a friend /family. Virain likes SASSY GIRLS who looks hot as hell. Virain would do anything for his love. Virain is one of the best lovers in the world.
Girl 1 : OMG who is that guy wearing the blue suit?
Girl 2 : oh ! Thats virain...
Girl 1 : I wanna date that hot mess virain
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by Starboy_rockstar May 02, 2018
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