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The appearance of violet eyes is thought to occur from the mixing of red and blue reflections. Some albinos have eyes that appear violet. Violet eyes are genetically similar to blue eyes (i.e., they are a reflection, pigment, or variant of blue). Violet eyes are extremely rare; some people remain convinced that it is impossible to have violet colored eyes. However, violet eyes are commonly found in a few remote and high altitude areas of northern Kashmir and remote areas in Afghanistan.
Contrary to popular belief, Violet Eyes exist, but are extremely rare. Even more so than non-albino red eyes.
Violet eyes are actually so rare that many people doubt they even exist, because they've never seen violet eyes.
by Skalman July 05, 2009
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The original b movie burlesque queen and pinup fetish model hailing from Blighty. Sorry america she's ours!
Your not quite "violeteyes" yet.
by Groteseque February 11, 2010
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The impossible eye color that most people lust after. The closest eye color is grey, which sometimes reflects a little bit purple.

Violet eyes are usually is given to vampires in bad vampire novels, and is one of the more popular eye colors to photoshop into someone's boring brown iris.
by Miasmatik January 15, 2009
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