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Vinton County is a small ass county in Ohio. Everyone there is either on drugs all the time, or drunk all the time. Theres some decent people there but not many. You can get AIDs from swimming in the lakes there. and all the roads are better to drive on in the winter, because the millions of potholes are filled with snow. theres too many streetlights and nobody uses proper grammar. All the white teenage boys think theyre ghetto, and call themselves "niggas." Every so often youll hear of someone getting murdered by a baseball bat. Everyone in VC knows the county like the back of their hand its so damn tiny. Theres only 2 redlights in the whole thing.. its pretty much known as hickville. or, hell. There isnt a movie theater for miles and miles out of town. the only shopping center is super value. its the size of 2 gas stations put together. The closest walmart is 30 minutes away in another county. Everyone thinks theyre ghetto and hood. Too bad theyre all white. Cocaine is the main drug in VC. & if youre from vinton county you know what Hotel McArthur is. Im not even going to get into that... Everyone in vinton county is "tatted up," wearing their pants down passed their ass. And the girls are all in booty shorts and tank tops. No matter how fat they are, theyre in short shorts. the library is the hangout spot. and the picnik tables at the park are covered in drawing of penises and bad things written about people. My advice? Stay away from vinton county.
Life in Vinton County;

White kid #1: "Aye bruh, we gon' hit dat bonfire tonight at da highscool?"

White kid #2: "yeh nigga, i got dat weed too."
by rogerbro69 June 26, 2011
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