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Also called the Vincent Chase Complex (VCC). This is the disorder that happens among hotshots of some sort who does one or two great deeds and it fed their ego to such a high a point that they believed they didn't even have to play by the rules anymore and that they had the right to call the shots. Usually results in such a colossal failure that circumstance has to bring their ego down a few notches. With the failure even comes an in epiphany from time to time.

Taken from the character Vincent Chase off HBO's TV Show Entourage when Vincent did one smash hit movie at the beginning of the series. He thought the hype was perpetual so started roles only he wanted to do and what roles that would be in the best interest for his career. His colossal failure was Medellin, a movie he stressed everyone out about, but turned out being so bad that hardly anybody in the town would even let him audition for another gig.
Jill: You know just because Jack did really great on that brief 3 months ago, doesn't mean he's the new boos.

Jane: yeah, he's definitely got that Vinnie Chase Complex going on. Don't worry he'll get his.
by maddywoo November 23, 2010
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