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a slang phrase to describe a vehicle that is used as a limousine but is not such a vehicle. The term "Vinegar Pepper Limousine" is used in New England constantly. A Vinegar Pepper Limousine is any vehicle other than a true stretch or formal limousine, but called a limosuine by the driver.This is the gypsy cab of limousines. Usually it is a filthy dirty death trap, piloted by somebody with questionable health and sanitary habits, trying to avoid tolls, limo fees, and parking areas. The Vinegar Pepper Limousine is the utlimate in showcasing the sunken depths we have reached in vagabond transportation. More often it is referred to as a "rolling shitwagon," and many an astute traveler can be heard stating, "shit I needs a 40 and ablunt to have my azz in that shit can."
In Boston there is one such Vinegar Pepper Limousine well known to Massport, the agency that runs Logan Air Port. The vehicle a 1993 Oldsmobile Delta 88, piloted by one Michael D. Marano. This limousine gets its name from the smell of fried peppers and bad take out that permiate it. The original Vinegar Pepper Limousine was 1986 Lincoln. This was actually a real limo, but for nearly 10 years it was never thoroughly cleaned, reportedly one passenger lost a shoe in puddle of gelled kool aid in the back seat. It is rumored that the original VPL made over 34,578 trips to fast food establishments in metro Boston. However the most famous stops were at the presidential room at Jeveli's Restraunt in East Boston. The pilot of the VPL due to his afro-centric features is often mistook for Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son Fame.
by Nunzio Incerto September 11, 2007
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