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Vine Language is a form of communication which closely resembles Tourette Syndrome, and when spoken may lead people to believe that you have some form of mental retardation. The root of this language is formed on the app Vine or in Vine compilation videos found elsewhere online. Videos within the app only last a few seconds, so only a few words, a sound, or possibly one line of a song may be posted. Any teenager in the U.S. since 2013, especially Males appear to have the urge to yell out anything they have viewed on Vine during the day, and will repeat the clips for weeks or possibly months, thus creating a Vine Language that can be understood by other teenagers who share in the same disability. Imagine a Parrot who can speak, but also has ADD, and the owner accidentally sprinkles Crack Cocaine into it's feeding dish, then you have the idea.
Friend. "Hey! I think your parents should have your brother checked out. He is in the back yard yelling and making strange sounds while nobody is around him. He may need a doctor and possibly medication."

Me. "Relax, dude. That is just my brother repeating everything he has seen on Vine. He and his friends sound mentally retarded, I know, but they have actually formed some sort of Vine Language that they understand."
by Dr. Pill McGraw August 02, 2016
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