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The uncle of Bam Margera, A.K.A "Don Vito", on the hit MTV show Viva La Bam.
Basically a over-sized man with a dent in his back, a glass eye, and a very nasty toe infected with gangrene. He also frequently speaks jibberish when angry or upset
"{at the blackjack table} I'm good. I'm good. I ain't gonna hit on a 20. Are you sick in the head?.....Who's gonna hit on a 20? You gotta be mentally insane.

"Usually the zero-zeros are suites. Oh, my god. You can't even get laid in this room. I can't even fit in here. Where the hell am I to go to the bathroom at?"

"NO, you can't even lay $#!+. It's all crooked and $#!+. I gotta get out of here. I'm not staying in this stupid room. Give me the free shampoo and stuff anyway. You better take me somewhere else."

"What are you? Retarded or something?!"

"I'll have Ashton Koosher come over and do something to you"
by Jared Fogle May 08, 2005
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