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A slightly parodic side character in a comic called Cordeval by Amelie Belcher, self-proclaimed "professional" art school drop out.

His first appearance in the comic, to my knowledge, was in "Jeeesssuuusss", where she complains about her experience with what seems like an overly Christian/Catholic community, thus creating the slight parody of Vin Diesel Jesus.

Creator Amelie usually brings VDJ around for a reappearance when she's ether making a joke on Christianity or something that happens to be just plain ludacris.

Amelie states several times in her comics that VDJ is for parady and humor purposes, and she doesn't mean for him to offend anyone. At the same time, she even takes those opportunities to make more jokes about the uproar and chaos that is due to VDJ, and she basically outright says how she doesn't care about the hate-mail she gets because of him.

Comics and appearances by VDJ can be found throughout Cordeval's Archives and it's many subcategories. As of yet, I haven't figured out how to check up on old 'weekly comics' so I'm not entirely sure if Amelie continues daily use of VDJ.
Amelie - 'So, from now on in my head the part of Jesus will be played by Vin Diesel. IE, Vin Diesel Jesus.'
Little Girl - "Jesus loves you~!"
Amelie - "Sweet..."
by dk love j00 May 15, 2007
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