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Much like the village idiot, she should be ridiculed and fucked mercilessly. By everyone. And everyone's farm animals. Not known for her discriminating taste, if you have banged such a creature, you should watch for signs of your wiener rotting. Or erupting into volcanic pustules, sores, boils, shedding skin (and by shedding, I mean molting), and gangrene.

Should be avoided at all costs unless you are in close proximity to a Hazmat suit.
Holy really fucked her?! Your dad and grandpa and brother and mom and cousin and sheep and that neighbor guy that calls himself Miguel the Excellent already dipped their wicks! You know we call her the Village Fuckhole for a reason, don't you? Retard.

If you haven't contracted ghonaherpasiphalaids yet, you will.

by Magsymae June 14, 2010
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