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Vikki Swink is an east coast native with connections everywhere. She disses on her hometown most of the time. Best known for her dabbling in modeling, she's an absolute trainwreck. She models for and is a model-in-training for GORE Site Modeling. She's commonly seen wearing Sugarfix and Hollywood Undead merch. She's reportedly very polite and respectful to anyone who meets her, and even better, if you find her before concerts she'll hang out with you !!(or so the rumor goes...) Is part of the fantasy band "Always Asleep Never Dead". Victoria is commonly shipped with Matt Good and has beef with BryanStars.
Example One:

Jerry: Vikki Swink actually replied to me when I tweeted her!!
Anita: That's amazing honey, now go find a job.

Example Two:
Jerry: Did you see Vikki before the concert? I saw her and Matt eating lunch but they told me they'd find me after the concert.
Mark: Did they show up?
Jerry: No but they were so polite about it that I'm not even mad! I got a really cute picture of her and Matt though.

Example Three:

Jerry: I just saw the picture Vikki posted on Instagram of her trying to do autographs with her left hand! So funny.
Mark: dude you have problems.
by lostinstereo13 October 05, 2013
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