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A meeting of men, specifically for the purpose of honoring manly things. The meeting often involves alcohol, cigars and manly foods (chicken wings or a pig on a spit would fit nicely). Discussions cover such subjects as beer, women, vehicles, weight lifting, bodily noises and sports. Viking table meetings are often celebratory in nature, but may occur at any interval.

Women may approach the Viking Table... they may bring fresh beverages and food, but consensus of the group is needed in order for a woman to sit at the Viking Table. Even then, membership is not implied... it is an exception only.

Ideally (although not necessarily), meetings of the Viking Table occur around a large, sturdy wooden table that is able to withstand limitless slamming of fists, beer mugs, etc.
Bob's divorce is final... call the guys; we need to summon a meeting of the Viking Table
by rabidraptor January 17, 2010
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