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Vidor is very miss taken. It is not a "Hick town" it is not full of "nigger haters" Maybe like 20 years ago but not now.
The book over vidor is wrong too. Vidor is not trash. I am so sick of people down talking Vidor.

Vidor is a town in South East Texas.
Just like everyother town.
Hey is the kkk in Vidor any more?

Nope. They ran them out.
by X.Emily.X July 10, 2007
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Hick-ass town in the shit-ass part of texas. It's 10 miles from Beaumont (the BMT) and is home to most of the nigga haters in Texas. Commonly has KKK meetings and is linked to the james byrd jr. murder. is also in close proximity to port arthur
Yo' nigga' hatin' ass must be from Vidor
by G-balla 07 April 04, 2006
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