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A High School located in the town of Victor in upstate New York in which a majority of the students regularly smoke marijuana. The kids at Victor High School are able to smoke more weed than all of the surrounding towns and despite smoking such incredible quantities of weed, 70% of the student body is taking advanced classes and the High School is ranked among the top 200 in the country.

The kids from victor are very laid back and always seem to have the dankest bud around, with which they will gladly smoke you up. Because of this, Victor kids are always welcome at parties and are usually asked to supply the weed.
Chris: Yo man, this fool just challenged me to a half ounce smoke off
Nate: What an idiot, everybody knows you've got lungs of steel. Who challenged you?
Chris: This kid I met at a party named John
Nate: Shit man, you do realize he goes to Victor High School... right?
Chris: FUCK!

Josh: Yo dude! My dad's old friend is coming up to visit for the weekend with his FINE ASS daughter.
Carl: Get some, bro
Josh: I need to get her ripped, you know anyone who's good?
Carl: Did you call that kid we met from Victor?
Josh: Oh yeah man! That shit was fuckin dank.
Carl: I know dude, hands down highest I've ever been and it only took like two hits.
by SO-MUCH-WEED August 06, 2011
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