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Refers to the victim mentality of Liverpool, and more so, its football team - Liverpool FC. The inhabitants of Liverpool (scousers) are renowned for having a chip on their shoulder, blaming everyone else for their misdeeds, and acting like the world is against them and owes them a living. This is clearly apparent in their football team Liverpool FC and fans. Many LFC (Liverpool FC) fans protest that there's a conspiracy against LFC that stops them winning, even though truth contradicts this, and act like they have the god given right to success, when in reality there fans have caused terrible disasters, such as the Heysel disaster, which resulted in the death of many Italian fans and the banning of 'innocent' English clubs from European competitions for 5 years. Most recently LFC have been at the center of a racism case, which resulted in a LFC player been banned for 8 games due to racially insulting a fellow players, and also fans been ejected from the stadium and arrested. Despite irrefutable evidence, LFC still continue to protest thier innocense in this case - A clear example of the 'victimpool' mentality.
Scouser - 'Ay laaa! Liverpool didn't win the league because a biased ref, FA sabotage, zombie-alien invasion!'

Normal human-being - 'Typical Victimpool. Now give me back my alloy wheels, you smelly inbred bin-dipping scouser!!!'
by snarley January 12, 2012
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