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1. Smile! 2. Cheer up, dude! 3. To change your emotions from sadder to gladder. 4. To meditate or feel peaceful. 5. An invitation to feel like you're having fun or to feel joy. 6. To feel love or appreciation. 7. To feel any number of positive emotions instead of negative emotions, just 'cause it feels better and is generally accepted as the best way humans are wired to feel: Happy : ) 8. An affirmation of the action of vibing up..such as, "Right On!" or "Way to go!" 9. To get in the mood of readying oneself to be in bliss : )
I feel a little down..gonna go do some yoga and vibe up, pup!

As an affirmation:
Sam: "Going to insert music festival or concert this psyched!

Fran: Vibe up, pup!
by Energy Girl September 03, 2017
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