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VERTICAL CHIMPS & BABOON~ETTS ; a vertical chimp can have a multitude of meanings… however according to Michael Fazio some VERTICAL CHIMPS are more VERTICAL than others & this species is what we are concerned with in today's world. It should also be noted that there is a subspecies of vertical chimps known as BABOON~ETTS which can only be defined as the female gender of the species although not much research has been done on the working of the female VERTICAL CHIMPS mental acuity for lack of research material.
Vertical Chimps ~ robustly defined accordingly a.k.a. Atypical Left-Wing Liberal Atheist Anti-God Fearing Dogs that bite the hand that feed them.

1 Descendents of Apelike Creatures varying in color or walk & walk in an erect fashion & have no understanding of a supreme being or deity & typically totally lacking in moral turpitude a.k.a. Newspaper Reporters, Lawyers, And Of Course Politicians ~ OBAMAS ~ !

2 Of coarse there are vertical chimps that are more VERTICAL than others and these are defined by many characteristics including Social, Economic, and Of Course Political Power Bases which in short would mean that the 44th PUSS STAIN is at the top of the { VERTICAL CHIMP CHAIN at least for the time being, and represents the American version of VERTICAL CHIMPS BABOON~ETTS until the baton is passed on to the 45th PUSS STAIN POTUS at which time America as we know it will have long ceased to exist ~!
by hoodwinkedbyanangel December 05, 2010
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