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A very erotic sexual technique, originally devised in France where it is referred to as "La descente de la palourde" ("the clam descent"). Referred to obliquely in D.H. Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', this technique has, since the 1960's, been described as the 'Venus Descent' in English speaking nations.

This term refers to an erotic presentation of a woman's vulva and bottom to a receptive and submissive male partner. As part of sexual activity, before, after or instead of full sexual intercourse, the female partner stands astride her prone male partner and then places her feet on either side of his chest, facing towards his feet; she then crouches down, and gently lowers her vulva and buttocks towards his face.

This is a particularly erotic sight for the male partner, and the close up view, scent and potential savouring of heis partner's buttocks and vulva will substantially increase his sexual excitement. For a full descent, the female partner can dictate the amount of pressure / weight which is to be applied to her partner's face or body, and she may choose to attend to his penis with her hands or mouth (less easy unless she is very agile) if she wishes to do so, or to build up his excitement to a level where full sexual congress can be commenced or resumed.
Meghan: "It was William's birthday last Tuesday - she told him he could have any present he wanted and you know what, he asked for a Venus Descent. Kate thought he'd want some special cufflinks!"

Harry: "So what's a Venus Descent? It sounds like a great run in new powder at Whistler!"

Meghan: "Harry, you don't know what a Venus Decsent is?! Come right here this moment and I'll teach you!"
by Katie4eyes January 16, 2018
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