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Ventura Cross Country Prep; as in the school. The mission of the academy is to brainwash its members into thinking that they are better than everyone else on the planet. This group is often judged by their red hammer and sickle socks--and rightfully so, as they oftentimes function in a cult-like manner. Most of them don't actually like their school, just being on the XC Team. There are a few nice kids, but the majority have been slowly manipulated and have therefore lost any signs of goodness. They are only friends with each other plus a few select honorary attendees of said academy.
"OMG look at that sea of red! Who IS that? And where did all of the nice cross country boys go? OH YEAH, they don't exist here anymore, cuz they go to Ventura Cross Country Prep! OBVS!"
by shessocold March 18, 2007
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