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Venomous Bears, the name really does say it all. These particular bears feed on smaller rodents such as Guinea Pigs and Wild Rats.

They are the size of your average Brown Bear but have long fangs usually 25 cm in length. These 'Fangs' contain deadly venom however, if a human was to go near a Venomous Bear, it would inject its venom into their blood stream (like a snake), though it would take an American Badger to suck the venom out in order for the person to survive... This is actually quite funny because the Venomous Bear is located in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, so if you live in these countries and have no access to an American Badger, it is safe to safe to say you are fucked.
Guy 1: "Mate, i haven't seen you in years! How's your wife, Mary?"

Guy 2: "Ahh, Bloody VENOMOUS BEARS got her last year when we went camping, there were no American Badgers around so... she died."
by Attercop Man February 04, 2013
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