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The ultimate strategy for playing video games. Vectoring is when you rub the controller on you behind to make it hit random buttons. Doing this has a 96% chance of entering a cheat code (if the game has cheat codes). If there are no cheat codes, then doing this will guarantee that you get at least one kill


Regular conjugation:
I vector
You vector
He/she vectors
We vector
you (plural) vector
They vector

Past tense:

I vectored
You vectored
He/she vectored
We vectored
You (plural) vectored
They vectored

Present tense:

I am vectoring
You are vectoring
He/she is vectoring
We are vectoring
You (plural) are vectoring
They are vectoring

Future tense:

I will vector
You will vector
He/she will vector
We will vector
You (plural) will vector
They will vector
Example of using vector (verb)
John: I am vectoring right now.
Jeff: I am too. I also vectored yesterday.
John: That’s why you were doing so well.
by Dr. Nathan May 07, 2019
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