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The Veagle Shark is often found swimming around the Virgin Islands. There are not known to be many Veagle Sharks left and the race is becoming extinct because the male species are scared of sexual intercourse, or any form of contact with the opposite sex. They try to partake in sporting activities, such as fin ball, but the Veagle Shark is not adapted for such activities and other amphibians have no trouble in beating the Veagle Shark at any sport. The Veagle Shark smells. The Veagle Shark does not eat much and enjoys dieting, they are born fat but as the species grows in age it reduces in size, becoming so skinny they are often mistaken for girls legs (something Skinny dave will never get to spread!).
"Oh look there's a Veagle Shark, that cut he has just made biting that divers leg is the nearest he'll ever get to gash!"
by Jon Wood November 07, 2006
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