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Van Betty (fun betty) is the iconic Surname given to a totally awesome girl, that really knows how to have a good time. She has no insecurities, issues or baggage. She is almost one of the guys but is still also a girly girl. She is the type of girl that is as close to perfect as perfect can get, she may have some flaws, but in the larger scheme of things these are negligible. Similar to a panda girl, she is smart, funny and super cute. Van Betties are also somewhat of an "endangered species" as few of them actually exist.
Van Betties are hard to find and must not be confused with a Fake Van Betty who will pretend to be a Van Betty until she has her claws into a guy. A genuine Van Betty will never give her guy a hard time and will never pull up the handbrake! Van Betties are really into action sports, both as a spectator and as a participant.
Also see Betty hot chick
She is a real Van Bettie, she is always keen to do fun guy stuff and never has attitude, I think we should call her "insert her first name here" Van Betty
by TeeOneThousand June 12, 2011
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