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Valy guys are Afghan guidos that we see dance at weddings constantly, nonstop, a lot. They are not in the homeland, they are found in america, canada, germany etc.... They are either born here or just came just because. These guys have fohawks, white panic at the disco pointy shoes, all black suits/ silky vests but sometimes they wear different colors like baby blue and shit (not the color shit). They put on too much cologne and gel. They dance like hustlers and drug dealers and people who are confused. They usually arrive to weddings in groups of 3 or more valy guys, occasionally a valy father figure next to them. They are never sitting down cuz they are dancing like hell. Put on a valy cd and they are bound to show up and dance the whole time. They don't get taller than 6'0 and are really tan. They dance with their group of other valy guys to show off their moves and skills. They dance good btw so dont try to beat them in a dance off battle cuz u will surely lose to their superior "goodness"
Valy, Milad Yusefi, and other borderline gay popstars are considered examples of "Valy Guys"
by mashalsaminehomah February 17, 2009
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